25687 games total, time in games: 4542h, combined player time: 13401h

Game Mode Map Server When Length Players
25693 Deathmatch bloodlust redeclipse 7m ago 10m 5
25692 Deathmatch deathtrap redeclipse 18m ago 10m 5
25691 Deathmatch dutility redeclipse 29m ago 10m 4
25690 Deathmatch enyo redeclipse 40m ago 10m 3
25689 Capture the Flag keystone2k redeclipse 1h 47m ago 10m 2
25688 Defend and Control panic redeclipse 2h ago 10m 7
25687 Deathmatch abuse redeclipse 3h ago 10m 1
25686 Defend and Control depot redeclipse 3h ago 10m 5
25685 Capture the Flag deli redeclipse 3h ago 10m 3
25684 Defend and Control futuresport redeclipse 4h ago 10m 1
25683 Capture the Flag panic redeclipse 11h ago 10m 1
25682 Deathmatch affluence redeclipse 12h ago 10m 1
25681 Capture the Flag canyon redeclipse 12h ago 10m 1
25680 Bomber Ball vault redeclipse 13h ago 10m 1
25679 Defend and Control darkness redeclipse 13h ago 10m 1